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A battle-tested cost-effective litigation system for Preparing and Trying Small and Complex Cases

Mark LeWinter

Mark J. LeWinter

Attorney at Law

My services include organizing, preparing, and presenting your case, along with training on cost-effective and innovative software usage. I have been certified as a litigation trainer by LIT SOFTWARE, LLC for TrialPad, TranscriptPad, DocReviewPad, and ExhibitsPad collectively referred to as the LIT SUITE.
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Trial Preparation

Cases are won or lost in the office, not the courtroom! Improve your case preparation and work flow with a winning new approach.

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TrialPad lets you organize and annotate your documents, notes, and more, allowing you to create persuasive and winning presentations in depositions, mediations and trials.

Through TranscriptPad, you'll be able to review trial transcripts, summarize findings, highlight important points, and more.

After learning DocReviewPad, you'll be able to organize and review your documents with this full-featured tool.

I can assist you in preparing for your upcoming deposition, mediation, or trial by utilizing highly effective iPad applications to build a convincing case.

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Maximize your ability to efficiently organize and present all of your documentary and multimedia evidence

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Benefits Of Working With Me

Reduce the learning curve

As a busy litigator, it's great to know you can rely on a practical methodology and workflow that has been battle-tested for years instead of reinventing the wheel. I am certified and recommended by LIT SOFTWARE, LLC as a litigation trainer for TrialPad, TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad and I have helped many lawyers harness the full power of LIT SUITE.

Personal Experience Over the Years

Discover cutting-edge, user-friendly software for preparing and presenting cases and learn from a tech-savvy litigator's best practices and valuable insights to maximize your impact in the courtroom.

A Tech-Forward Approach

The best software is useless if it is not used. Once you master mobile technology using apps like LIT SUITE and LiquidText you will transform your litigation style. I will demonstrate how you can use free apps like Freeform on your iPad for litigation prep and presentation.

Personalized Attention

I offer a complimentary Zoom meeting to customize your training based on your individual needs and litigation style.


You deserve the best. Learn what my past clients have shared about working with me.

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Working for a Better Future

In today's fast-paced technological landscape, it's crucial to stay up-to-date. At Trial By Pad, I strive to assist litigators and mediators across the United States in enhancing their technical abilities with the iPad. Software like LIT SUITE enables you to efficiently handle your case by organizing, analyzing, and preparing for depositions, mediation, and trial.

Achieving your goals is vital, and you understand the value of working smarter instead of harder. Let's work together to evaluate your requirements and progress from there. I can also provide advanced training after you have become proficient in the fundamentals, so you can achieve your highest potential.

With an office in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, serving Philadelphia, I conduct nationwide interactive trainings and webinars using Zoom.